Signs your P-trap may be blocked

Got a clogged sink? Clear your clogged sink by checking the P-Trap.

If you look closely at u-shaped pipe extending down from your sink and back up into the wall—that’s your P-trap. Your P-trap is designed to allow water to settle and create a seal that prevents sewer gas from escaping into your house. Every plumbing in your home should have a P-trap. Usually, clearing your clogged drain should be an easy fix -  all you need to do is get a bucket, loosen the knot, remove the debris, then catch the water from the drain.

But what are the signs that you have a clogged drain?

  1. Your drain isn’t clearing after you’ve done everything to clear the clogged drain. If you have an obstructed P-train, the water through the drain system is blocked from flowing.
  2. You smell a foul odor throughout your home. If your vent pipe is clogged, the water will not properly flow through the drain system. If this happens, the P-traps under your sink may become dry, and the sewer gas may accumulate.
  3. You hear a gurgling noise from the sink or tub.
  4. The water in your toilet seems weak, and the bowl isn’t refilling quickly enough after a flush.

If you do not want to open the P-trap on your own for several reasons like not having the time or you’re simply not ready to see the surprises that may come out of your P-trap. Give your professional plumber a call.

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